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5 Interesting Facts from All Around the World


Our World is full of amazing and interesting things. And, I have always desired to know about these more and more. Here, I’ve learned 5 infamous things which you would love to read:







Afghanistanis Second Poorest Country:Afghanistan has become World’s 2nd poorest country. Now, only Sierra Leone is poorer than Afghanistan, according to the UN. It really hurts when we come to know that people are living in such a bad conditions.











World’s Biggest Gambling Centres: If you like to play gamble then you would really love to visit Las Vegas, Macau, Monaco, Alderney, Gibraltar, Antigua and Malta.















Longest Multi-Party Democracy:Botswana is one of the most stable countries of Africa. It has the longest multi-party democracy in the continent. It’s almost free of corruption and has a good human rights record as well. The people from other democratic countries from Africa should learn a lesson from it. Botswana is also the World’s largest producer of Diamonds.











Greenest Country in the World:Costa Rica is the greenest country in the World, according to the New Economics Foundation.  WOW! It always feels good after coming to know about the countries full of greenery. Earth can still hope for a long survival.
















Nokia is the only famous company from Finland:World’s leading mobile phone supplier “Nokia” is the only company from Finland that has earned a place into Fortune magazine list of World’s biggest companies in 2010. It has been ranked at 120.